Manufacturer Warranty

You can purchase extended and post warranty manufacturer coverage for your large format printers and scanners. Warranty coverage is an affordable way to ensure that your equipment is repaired in a timely manner should it fail, and may potentially reduce costs associated with a particular repair.

  • HP Large Format (Designjet, Latex, Page Wide)
  • Canon Large Format
  • Contex Scanners
  • Finishing Equipment
  • Lenovo Workstations, Laptops, Monitors
  • HP Workstations, Laptops, Monitors
  • HPE Servers
Manufacturer Warranty Lookup

Is your device still in warranty? Follow the links below to check on the manufacturer website. You will need your device's serial number.

End of Service Life for  HP Designjet printers

Has your HP Designjet printer reached its end-of-service-life? With a new HP Designjet printer, put the latest advancements in HP printing technology to work for you.