Lease or Buy?

To lease or buy? That's a very good question. It depends on what your particular business needs are. Below are some benefits of each option to consider.

  • Great solution for short- and long-term equipment needs
  • Conserves capital
  • Creates a consistent and predictable monthly cost
  • Payments can be made from operating costs rather than capital funds.
  • Can be structured so that the equipment can be purchased at the end of the leasing period.
  • BUY
  • Great solution for long-term equipment needs.
  • If you use your equipment at or near maximum capacity and maintain that level of use, buying may be your most logical choice.
  • Can deduct the related depreciation, insurance, repairs, taxes and interest, which can potentially lower taxes.
  • May have future resale or trade-in value.

Apply for Financing

IRG Plotters & Printers, Inc. provides a link to Direct Capital to provide a fast, reliable online financing option for your consideration. Complete a simple 3-minute application and you may obtain the funds you need today.

Click here to go to to apply for financing now. It's secure, quick, and easy!
Apply for Financing through Direct Capital            

Please note that IRG Plotters & Printers, Inc. is not a banking institution. IRG does not offer internal leasing. However, IRG does work with all major banks and lending companies to facilitate funding for your purchase. IRG has provided the link to Direct Capital for your convenience. Based upon your particular financing needs and credit ability, this process can be utilized for quick approvals. IRG Plotters & Printers, Inc. is not affiliated with Direct Capital in any way.

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